Project Overview

Unity5 Game Prototype: Project Abandoned

An early prototype of a gameconcept we came up with in a two person team. Most assets and animations are 3rd party content.
Level design, game mechanics, AI, animation control and game logic were all done by us.

Unity5 Game Prototype Video

A play-through of the level in fast forward.


Low-Poly Character Modeling

The theme for this project was "Twisted Worlds". This project was about creating an inverted version of a well-known game character of our choosing and had to have a hand-painted look and no SSS.
Max polycount was 10.000 Tris.

Low-Poly Modeling/Texturing

Turntable of the finished character in a simple environment.


Run-Cycle Animation

Animation Exercise: Run-Cycle

This exercise shows a looping run-cycle of a character as used in game animation.
The model was provided and is not my own work.


Texturing & Rendering

Completely textured room with assets. Models were provided and are not my work.

C# Code Example